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ESI’s objective is to promote and improve quality assurance in the construction of pipelines through the use of pipeline padding. We are committed to encouraging pipeline owners and contractors to embrace backfill separation as a safe, economical and environmentally friendly application in the construction of pipelines.  Backfill separation is a simple, cost effective application that is guaranteed to contribute to improved pipeline integrity by eliminating rocks and hard materials from falling onto the pipeline during the backfill process and damaging the pipe coating and/or the pipe during construction.  Backfill separation also facilitates backfill material compaction.  The risk of leaky or damaged pipelines is minimal if the proper construction techniques are applied throughout the construction cycle.  Backfill separation should be just one of a number of steps in the process.  While backfill separation occurs near the back end of the pipeline construction cycle, it is a critical component in ensuring that pipelines are constructed to the highest possible standards of quality assurance and safety.

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